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Frequently Asked Questions

How much advanced notice do you need?

The more notice we get, the better we can serve you. However, we can be ready to leave from our base of operations in as little as one hour. We are an 'on-demand' air charter company!

How do I arrange my charters?

Charter reservations can be made by calling our Greenville office at (864) 277-4004 or mobile at (864) 915-2229. Charter quotes can usually be supplied in just a few minutes – often times during your initial contact call.

What airports do I use?

We service over 5000 airports nationwide. We can suggest departure and arrival points based on your itinerary. Your convenience is our prime focus.

How much baggage can I bring?

The amount of baggage allowed will depend on the type of aircraft you will be flying, the distance, and the approximate weight of each passenger in your party. When flying small aircraft, the weight of the passengers and luggage is critical to the safe operation of the aircraft. We will collect this information from you when taking your reservation and help you decide which aircraft is best suited to your needs.

How do I pay?

Pre-arranged payment by Visa or Mastercard, company or personal check backed by Visa or Mastercard, cashiers check, or cash is normally required.

Will the aircraft wait for me? How does this work?

The aircraft is scheduled according to the needs of the customer. Based on your itinerary, and cost factors, we will decide whether it is most efficient for the aircraft to wait for you or whether it should return at a later date. Generally, for one or two day trips, it is almost always more economical for the aircraft to wait. Longer trips (in miles/days) are evaluated on a per-flight basis.

How many pilots will I have?

That is up to the customer. In most cases, you will have one pilot. However, co-pilots are always an available option.

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